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Monday, July 4, 2011

Watch Nanu Nanna Kanasu Kannada Movie Online

Nanu Nanna Kanasu Kannada Movie Online

Banner: Duet Movies, Media House
Cast: Prakash Raj, Amoolya, Ramesh Aravind, Sithara, Achyuth Kumar, Sihikahi Chandru, Baby Krithika, Veena Sunder, Rajesh
Direction: Prakash Raj
Production: Prakash Raj
Music: Hamsalekha

Movie Review

This is yet another �Laali� (State award winning film - Dr Vishnuvaradhan and Mohini starring Dinesh Baboo directed, Produced by Rockline Venkatesh) for the Kannada audience. In the maiden directorial venture Prakash Raj remaking his Tamil film �Abhiyum Naanum� has not dropped in the substance, style, significance and a neat sojourn for the audience.
Besides the brilliant performances the music and lyrics of Hamsalekha, cinematography are added extra dimension to the film. The ultimate aspect of living in memories is a memorable one from this film. The dreams get shattered in life. With such a condition making life meaningful and memorable is what the film touches upon with the backdrop of lush green background in most of the scenes in �Naanu Nanna Kanasu�.
Raj Uthappa (Prakash Raj) a Coorgi is very possessive father of his daughter Kanasu (Amoolya). This is over possessiveness for others but that is how Raj Uthappa wants to groom and care his daughter who is everything in his life. The utmost care is reciprocated by Kanasu as she grows. Not in the issue related to her selection of a partner. In the two years Business Management course in New Delhi Kanasu falls in love with Joginder who is an independent Journalist and economist. Not able to digest when his daughter put up this proposal Raj Uthappa takes his time to come to terms. His very supportive wife (played by Sithara) brings in courage when the inevitable situation of marriage arises.

In the selection what his daughter has made and Samaritan attitude of Joginder makes Raj Uthappa to feel proud and he agrees for a simple registered marriage and a reception for his daughter wedding.
The other characters creep inside the boundary of the film also makes it very absorbing. The Beggar who comes from Government College to the hill station for change in the climatic condition shows how good the screenplay is all about.
Always a stunner in his roles Prakash Raj has given a controlled performance and his angry moments are treat to watch. As a caring father he shines and sets an example. Amoolya is the right choice in fact. She has given a splendid performance as daughter to Prakash Raj. The performance of Ramesh Aravind, Achyuth Kumar, Rajesh, Sithara are in no way inferior.
The grand cinematography of Ananth Urs gives a picture of the lovely locations of Coorg, the lovely scorings of Hamsalekha with his beautiful lines in the songs takes the film to an extraordinary height. Laayari sung by Kailash Kher is the best�.the song Balukathallamma Nam Cauvery�..is fabulous.
This is worth watching by the entire family.
Scoring 8/10 - Source - Indiaglitz

To Watch the Full Movie please click the link below.

Watch Nanu Nanna Kanasu Kannada Movie Online

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